What Our Clients Say

Our clients range from large multinational companies to small and medium size organisations. We have delighted all of them with our innovative learning programmes. Here is a sample of their feedback.

“Thank you Beth for being there for us and for your skill and commitment.” HR Manager Bioscience Company Team Build using MBTI and assertiveness.

“If being assertive is something you find difficult or you want to be able to communicate your opinion without becoming aggressive / defensive, it will be worthwhile to learn techniques and approaches to deal with these situations.” Participant Confident Communication, Cambridge Bioscience Company

“Evotec (UK) Ltd have worked with Beth as a trainer on an ongoing basis for many years. Her training is always up to date, and most importantly, closely related to the processes and people at Evotec; Beth’s background as a scientist is invaluable here as she can relate to the issues that our employees face in their roles and this makes her training very real. Her courses are very highly rated by the attendees, and they really do go on to use what they have learnt in the workplace following the course! Beth is a pleasure to work with – she is very professional, and is friendly, approachable and flexible too. I recommend Beth to anyone looking for a good trainer as I know that she will not fail to impress.” Kathryn Wilkes, HR Manager Evotec (UK) Ltd

“I have increased confidence in all areas of supervision, including communication, assertiveness and giving feedback, which I think has improved my performance as a supervisor and team member.” Participant Evotec Successful Supervision

“I have been putting your course skills into practice ever since the workshop. It was a real eye opener how you can change the way things are done with such subtle changes in your language.” Participant Assertiveness in Action, BP

“The feedback for the course has been excellent. I have had several good echoes coming back to me from various people, including management. I would like to thank you both again for your dedication and making this course a great training for all the participants.” AstraZeneca Report Writing

“Everything about the course was fantastic however the areas where we were taught to look at our inner dialogue and confidence issues really helped me and how that can affect other people’s perception of you.” Participant Shell Powerful Presentations

“Thanks again for running the Writing course last week. I’ve spoken to the participants and they’ve said how much they enjoyed it. Plus importantly, how they feel better equipped & more confident in their ability to do technical writing.” Murray Brown, Local Delivery Manager, Shell Global Solutions

“I have felt a lot more relaxed about work since the course. I have recognised my over emotional connection with my work, and have managed to detach somewhat. I have had some quite serious influencing to do since the course, and have been able to stay in control, and have swung people round to my way of thinking. Hurrah!” Participant Communicating To Influence, Global Life Science company.

I wanted to let you know I got a lot out of the Communicating to Influence course. Now meeting new people and coffee break meeting sessions don’t hold so much dread. I’ve even applied for and got a new job internally which I don’t think without the course I would have applied for but your words stuck in my mind so I thought I would go for it. Thanks for the updates as well as they’ve been really useful.” Participant on Communicating to Influence workshop, Global Life Science company

“The style was wonderful; it was challenging and motivating and you gave plenty of techniques and ideas that were much needed. What more can I say – it was just so good.” Participant Managing Performance Appraisals, Reading Borough Council.

“The trainer was absolutely brilliant. She was knowledgeable and brought the subject to life with her own experiences. She listened, was polite and answered with positive advice, where appropriate.” Participant Understanding and Resolving Conflict, Lancashire County Council

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help and support throughout the two day course, you helped me to face my demons and regain my inner strength and confidence, which enabled me to deliver an effective presentation.” Participant Presentation Skills, Lancashire County Council

“A really excellent course that has given me a lot more confidence and motivation to take several ideas back to the team. The interaction with colleagues was eye opening in the fact that you share / have similar issues. Beth is a very good trainer and made for an enjoyable and beneficial course.” Participant Operational Leadership Wokingham Borough Council

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Murray Brown, Local Delivery Manager, Shell Global Solutions

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