Understand Yourself and Others – and Raise Performance!

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Do you:

  • Sometimes wish that your staffing issues would just disappear, so you could get on with the real business of work?
  • Notice mis-understandings and conflict in your team?
  • Are you frustrated by missed deadlines or people leaving everything to the last minute?
  • Or do those highly organised people who schedule everything and leave no flexibility, irritate you?

If any of these things are happening, rest assured that you are not alone – your team is not working as well as it might because people do not understand each other as well as they could. Each individual is unique and has their own ways of communicating and working.

MBTI is a powerful tool helping teams to understand each other and to work more effectively together. It helps you to understand and accept the differences between people, and to harness their strengths, so that performance will rise, stress will reduce and you will all achieve more.

MBTI is a powerful tool for

Participation in the workshop will help you to:

  • Avoid and resolve conflicts
  • Ensure team members understand and appreciate different strengths
  • Work together more effectively and reduce stress
  • Build better working relationships
  • See better results in projects and with customers; raise productivity
  • Assist communication strategies

The MBTI is one of the world’s most respected personality type tools, based on research by the renowned psychologists Carl Jung, Isobelle Myers and Katherine Briggs. The tool helps people understand why differences arise in the workplace and at home and provides an easy framework to build relationships and teams.

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