How We Work With You


At the start of any project we spend time talking with you to understand your business, the challenges you face and the specific development needs of your people. We will identify the learning and development objectives and design learning programmes to meet those needs.

Through discussion, we may recommend one of our existing workshops, or we may tailor the programme to meet your needs. On other occasions, we will design a unique programme for your organisation, and we work closely with you through this process to ensure it fits your organisation and development needs.

We provide one to one coaching with individuals, where this is a more effective development strategy for that individual. We also, where appropriate, take the learning from workshops further, with one to one coaching or action learning groups.

In every case we will prepare a proposal for you, so you know exactly what to expect and we liaise with you closely at all stages of the project.


Our Approach

  • Our workshops are highly interactive and ensure full involvement of all participants.
  • We provide a wide range of learning activities to appeal to different learning styles.
  • Programmes are designed using the principles of brain friendly and accelerated learning in order to maximise learning.
  • We encourage people to share their skills and experience and to learn from each other.
  • Participants develop confidence by practicing skills and techniques in the workshop and receiving and giving constructive feedback.
  • Delegates plan how to transfer their learning back into the workplace, so ensuring maximum return on investment for the individual and the organisation.
  • Participants are encouraged to share their learning with their teams and colleagues back at work.
  • We follow-up for three months after a learning programme, with additional learning resources and review questions, to help participants embed and apply their learning.
  • And finally, we encourage delegates to have fun and enjoy learning and to take this spirit out into their own environment!

Contact Us

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