We work with individual clients through one to one coaching, and  enable individuals to think through their own issues and find their own solutions and way forward.

Clients come with issues ranging from management and leadership problems, communications and relationships with others, regulating their own behaviour, career management and decisions and personal issues.

Our style of coaching is enabling, supportive, challenging and non-judgemental. By skillful questioning and listening we stimulate the coachee to draw on their own mental and emotional resources and to come to their own conclusions and action plans.

We also use a range communication, relationship and leadership tools to  help individuals to get new insights into their own and other’s behaviours and  situations.

Feedback from our clients:

“You will be pleased to know that further to our coaching session I have already had a conversation with my CEO in which we discussed my thoughts and reservations about potentially apply for the CEO position as and when he decides to move on. He was very supportive of my intention and my recognition that now is the time to look at how I need to prepare myself in order to keep all of the doors open as I develop my career. Our coaching discussion was highly beneficial and a catalyst for taking action and I would like to thank you for your part in helping me to clarify what I really want and need to do.” Head of Information Services, Motor Insurance Industry

“Beth helped me to find the approach and words to deal with a number of difficult situations with both team members working for me and peers. My greater ability to deal with areas of potential conflict and give truly constructive feedback has helped me to make greater progress in some challenging areas of both team and project management. In a meeting a few days after my last session I got a ‘thumbs up’ from my boss about the way I handled a particular discussion. Afterwards he asked me how many sessions I had left and I said that they were all complete. He said that he thought so – he had seen a change in the way I am handling myself in management meetings. So from his perspective, goal met.” Director Steel Industry

“I have been working with Beth as my Coach over the past 6 months to develop my communication and leadership skills. Beth has a wonderful approach of providing the right tools and facilities in her coaching which enabled me to reflect and unravel my own potential. As a result of my coaching I have developed my self-management skills and am much more confident in my own ability and style to perform at a strategic level. A brilliant experience!”  Customer Relationship Manager, Rullion.

“I would just like to say how beneficial the Career Focus Programme was for me.  I’ve had chance to think about the discoveries made on the course and am much more aware of how I can improve my current job satisfaction. I am now also investigating a new career direction in Technical Writing – all very positive and exciting.” Participant Career Focus Workshop

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