How Can Yann Become More Influential?

Since the acquisition  of his company earlier in the year, Yann has been learning how to operate in a larger organisation. Previously he had known all his colleagues and managers and knew how they would react and how to handle them. Now he needs to get heard and influence  in a larger arena and he is finding this hard.

He talks to his coach Beth about it and they discuss the situations where he wants to be more influential. Beth says “There are many skills of influence and some of them you are using already, for example you are good at asking open questions.”

“There is a whole body of research on influencing which reveals effective techniques that we can use  and I think it would be very valuable for you to attend a Powerful Persuasion Workshop, to learn a whole range of tools and approaches.” They go through a checklist to assess what skills and knowledge Yann has and what he needs to learn and develop:

  • Ethics – the difference between influencing and manipulating
  • Building rapport and good relationships
  • Following an influencing process
  • Using open questions to find out the other person’s needs
  • Constructing and leading a conversation to get buy in
  • Listening to understand
  • Influential language
  • Using Cialdini’s 6 Universal Principles of Influence
  • How to find common ground and get to a win win solution for both parties
  • Building support through consultation
  • Having a range of influencing strategies to choose from
  • Using insights into personality to select the appropriate strategy
  • Taking small incremental steps towards a big goal.

If you need to be more influential at work, join Stella Collins for the Powerful Persuasion Workshop on 8 December in London and develop the skills of influence to advance your career.

If you would like some more tips on influencing to get you started, take a look at: 

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