How Can Yann Communicate with Confidence in a Changing Business Environment?

Yann’s company was acquired by a US company six months ago and it has been a time of change and uncertainty as the two organisations work on aligning strategy and processes. Following a reorganisation, staff are having to build new relationships, form new teams and report to different people. It has been a difficult time for Yann and he finds it helpful to discuss the challenges with his coach, Beth

Beth says ” So how are things going after the reorganisation?”

Yann starts talking through the situation.

“Well to be honest, I am finding it really hard. Since becoming a team leader two years ago I have come a long way; I feel I have really grown into the role and built good relationships with team members and managers. Now everything has been thrown into the air and my boss in the US doesn’t really understand the work we are doing here and the pressures we are under. He is very demanding, I find him quite overpowering and I don’t feel I am holding my own. It’s all quite stressful.

Beth says “how would you like to be with him?”

Yann says “I need to be more confident and assertive and feel empowered in my interactions with him.”

Beth says “Would you like to do some work on building your confidence and communication skills?”

Yann replies, ” Yes that just what I need.”

Do you feel like Yann sometimes? Would you like to be able to hold your own and communicate confidently and effectively with managers, colleagues customers and clients? If so join us at Stellar Learning for the Confident Communication workshop on 5 October in London and learn techniques that will help you in every aspect of your life and work.

If you would like a few tips to get started, read on.

Successful communication is a two way process and by making our own communication as effective as possible, we can bring out the best in other people, create real understanding and achieve win win outcomes for both parties. While sometimes we might like other people to behave differently or more reasonably, we need to start with our own behaviour. By adjusting our own communication style, we can have a positive effect on others and work together towards good results.

So let’s have a look at what is going on when we communicate and the areas we can work on. We can divide our communication into two areas – the observable behaviour that other people can see and hear. This includes what we say, our choice of words, our body language and our voice and our actions. On the workshop we will work on confident and assertive language, questioning and listening, confident non-verbal behaviour, body language and the voice. If we just did that we could achieve a good rise in people’s level of confidence, as perceived by themselves and by others.

But this is only part of the story! The most powerful drivers of our behaviour are happening where others can’t see them – in our heads. By understanding and controlling what drives our behaviour from within, we can achieve real step changes in confidence and the ability to communicate effectively in challenging situations.

On the workshop you will explore a number of areas that may challenge the way you have previously looked at things. We will explore the concept of rights and responsibilities, an excellent tool for examining a situation and working out the best way forward. We will learn how to achieve win win outcomes, by finding out and taking both people’s needs into account.

Perhaps most powerfully it is how we think  that will determine how successful we are in handling situations confidently. We will learn how to adopt the mindset of a confident communicator and identify any beliefs and inner dialogues that are limiting us. We practise converting these into enabling thinking patterns that strengthen our ability to communicate and resolve situations.

You can start practising this now. Next time you realise that you are thinking negatively about a situation, challenge yourself to think differently. Ask yourself:

  • What would happen if I thought about this differently? How would I feel? What would I do?
  • What’s my belief about this person or this situation? What would be a more enabling belief?
  • Change you negative inner dialogue into a positive one and see what a difference it makes!
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