How can Yann get his team members up to speed?

Testube PictureYann’s company is expanding rapidly and his team is growing. He has several new team members and he needs to get them up to speed in order to be able to deliver his targets. He really feels under pressure as people are not working fast enough and he is often having to pick up the pieces. He talks through the situation with his coach Beth who says “So what are the issues Yann?”

” My team has doubled from five to ten people and I am finding it really hard to get the new people trained up and working well. We are under a lot of pressure to up the productivity rate and it’s frustrating to see them wasting time because they don’t know what to do next.”

Beth asks: ” Are you trying to supervise all these people yourself Yann?” Yann confirms that he is and that he doesn’t want to lose control. He needs to know what is going on.

Beth says “Its probably not realistic or appropriate for you to supervise everyone, now that the team has grown so much.” She asks” What other options have you got? Who else in your team has the experience and skills to supervise and train the new people?”

After discussing the situation, Yann realises that he needs to use the full capacity of the team and to get his more experienced team members Danielle, Pete and Dave to train and supervise the new people. He realises that he needs to draw up a new work plan and do a skills audit of his staff and create a development plan for each person. He also realises that he won’t lose control if he sets up his delegation to Danielle, Pete and Dave well. Beth  suggests some techniques for ensuring that the delegation is effective and that there a clear agreement for monitoring progress and reporting back.

Beth says “This is great Yann and another benefit is that this experience will help Danielle , Pete and Dave in their career and professional development. ”

Beth and Yann  speak again a few days later to go through the work, training and delegation plan. Beth asks Yann if he has spoken to anyone else about the plan yet and Yann says he hasn’t. Beth says ” I think  it would be a good idea if you run this plan past your manager and get her input and then you can talk to Danielle, Pete and Dave to get them onboard and hear their ideas.”

Yann says “That’s a good idea, I will do that today” and finishes his coaching session feeling energised and and more relaxed than he had felt for weeks.

If you have team members who need to get up to speed, please give us a call for an informal chat. We can help you raise your productivity through coaching and workshops to develop your staff’s leadership, communication and self-management skills.


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