Feeling Overwhelmed? Top Tips to Gain Control

At some point in time,  most people will feel that  life is too busy and there is too much to do! And many people have this feeling everyday over a long period of time.

Recognise this? Step back for a minute and regain a sense of control by assessing your priorities and making a plan.

  • Be as proactive as you can in your attitude to managing your time. Plan as much of your work as you can and keep 20% of your time flexible to deal with the unexpected.
  • Believe that you can control your workload and your time and you will find that you can! As Henry Ford said”If you believe that you can or you can’t, you’re right.”
  • Invest your time in the tasks that will yield the greatest value.
  • Set yourself clear objectives every day, every week, one, three and six months and a year. Include some long term personal development objectives.
  • Prioritise your workload using the Importance versus Urgency grid.
  • Click on the picture to viewImportant & Urgent
    • Priority 1 Tasks are Both Important and Urgent.
    • Priority 2 tasks are Important but not yet Urgent, so make sure you set aside time to work on these. Keeping ahead on these Category Two tasks is the secret of a well organised and low stress life!
    • Priority 3 Tasks are Urgent but Not Important, so get these done quickly or get someone else to help with these.
    • Priority 4 Tasks are Not Urgent and Not Important, so you shouldn’t waste your time on these!
  • Decide what you do not need to do!
  • Can you delegate any tasks?
  • To plan your projects and workload, you need to ask
    • “What tasks have to be done?”
    • By Whom?
    • By When?
    • How long will each task take
  • Schedule the tasks, working forward from now and backwards from the deadline, to create a project plan.
  • Involve other people in making the plans and share plans with other stakeholders.
  • Take action and monitor progress with the plan.
  • Reward yourself when you achieve goals and milestones and feel energised for the next challenge!
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